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CSA Membership
Detailed Information
Canning and Freezing: We plan for vegetables beyond our weekly boxes for canning
quantities by special BULK VEGGIE ORDERS to guarantee that we grow enough for all
members. There may be extras during the season that we will make available at harvest
time, but to make sure that you receive what you want, please order this ahead of time so
that we can plan and plant accordingly. Extras will be sent out in boxes as space allows.
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We have a share size, price, and option for every household, with convenient drop sites!
With Treasured Haven Farm, your membership with goes beyond the contents of your weekly box. We truly want
you to feel connected to the family farm where your food is grown! We are an easy drive from the Twin Cities
within an hour on I-35 northeast of Rush City, MN, and less than two miles from the scenic St. Croix River.

Our main summer season is from June through early October, for 16+ weeks of produce
including self packed harvest box(es) that can be picked up on the farm which enables members getting extras
for processing or pumpkins, cornstalks, and other fall decorations as well. Farm events can add
a significant value to your share and additional produce, so seriously consider utilizing those options.
We have a tentative delivery schedule but delivery dates are dependent on the weather
and field conditions each season and can vary accordingly.

We have a choice for your length of season options - from full season,
weekly or every other week; or a later start Peak Season: and/or an Extended Fall Season.
Customization of your box contents is available if you choose to upgrade to Customize Your Share.
Extended Season Harvest shares, and other add-ons are available for fruit, other bulk veggies, and more.

We offer multiple share sizes so our members can find a fit for whatever their household size and have weekly
delivery, or every other week options that give members who also love selecting their choice of produce
an option to be part of both a CSA and to patronize their local Farmer's Market on the opposite week.

We set our goal to provide more than ample, excellent tasting, and quality naturally grown produce
to fulfill your needs and do everything possible to minimize risks to our growing crops, however,
risks are an inherent part of a CSA. If we do give you more than your family can use
any given week, please freeze, preserve, or share with a friend, neighbor, or food shelf,
or leave in our member exchange boxes at many of our home drop sites.

We do accept payment by Credit or Debit Card, PayPal, or Check.
With early registration, payments options can be discussed, if needed.
We strongly encourage Early Registration, as members get the advantage of getting connected
and having a complete background and all information as the farm journeys through the seasons.
Early registration allows the CSA to function much more efficiently and keeps us in the production areas and not
tied to the office. We find that especially new members who join late, after the planting season begins in April and
May, can miss out on a crucial part of the happenings on the farm year round that goes into their share.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations in quality, quantity, value, and service!!
We are a farm that grows what is healthy, not just what is easy.
We are large enough to have the infrastructure and experience to grow a wide variety of crops and have great
drop site locations, yet small enough to know your name with all our member's boxes individually labeled.

We Hope You Will Join Us!  Thank You from The Johnsons at Treasured Haven Farm!

We Appreciate Any Help From Members With:

~ Cultivating
~ Harvesting
~ On Farm Packing
~ Locating Drop Sites
~ Drop Site Coordinators
~ Sharing Your Favorite Recipes
~ Sharing Your Stories of Times in the Country
~ Returning Your Delivery Boxes
~ Member Referrals
~ Groups Interested in Fundraising Opportunities
~ Any Suggestions or Questions

We offer our working members
Special Promotions, Credits, and/or Additional Produce.


With everyone's help we can keep our costs low
and our prices reasonable! Thanks!


Extra Pick Your Own Produce is available first for our Members in reasonable
quantities. Many times the only cost of the produce is your time to help pick additional
produce for our weekly boxes.

Ornamentals are offered in the fall season and includes gourds, pumpkins, decorative
corn, cornstalks on a visit to the farm... bales of grasses for fall decoration available.
Pumpkins, gourds, and decorative corn are available in the share boxes or in our Meet the
Van events, the cornstalks and bales are available only for on-farm pick-up.

All our Members are invited to the farm throughout the season and for special Farm
Days for activities or to just enjoy the countryside and our wooded trails. Visit the other
great attractions in the area, such as the St.Croix River, Rush Lake, etc. ... more info is
coming! We appreciate calling ahead!
Understanding Your Share Options:
The suggestions stated here are based upon member feedback.
Make sure to read info about CSAs, and Tips on Choosing a CSA
found elsewhere on this website before making your decision if new to CSAs.

We encourage all our members be full fledged members themselves
instead of being relegated to being an add-on or sharer.
That is why we offer multiple sizes and choices with a range of prices
so there is an option for every household's size and budget!

In general, we have found that a SMALL share is best for singles or couples.
This small size would be only a supplemental box of veggies for larger households
and should NEVER be purchased with an intent to share.
An Every Other Week Small size should be considered a SAMPLER share.

A LARGE share works well for a household of 2 adults with children. Some single people and
many couples also prefer the LARGE share because they love veggies and it allows them to
freeze, juice, or preserve some food for the winter, and they love the greater variety.

We do offer a BASIC Share for an additional option in the middle.
If you can't decide, a Basic Share, either weekly, or every other week, is a great way to start!

***Please note that our regular weekly and every other week shares are not designed
to be split between households
(ex: it is hard to split one head of cabbage, a watermelon,
large winter squash, or other items into two reasonable sized portions, etc.) It is our experience
that it is difficult for members to equitably split a share and we definitely do not recommend
simply buying a weekly share and taking turns picking up the box every other week as we pack
some items on odd or even weeks for weekly boxes and so one member would be always
receiving some items and the other would get the others. We cannot honor requests to pack a
standard box to be split into two equal portions. We find that when members share there is
often a second member who receives little, if any, communication from the farm because often
we do not know about them and they miss out on being part of the farm "community" and do
not get to enjoy the full CSA experience. We strongly believe that every family is deserving of
affording their own box so that is why we offer a range of shares sizes and options.

What do I get in my share?
What do we grow?

***More info about other benefits and what crops we grow...

Sites fill on a
first come,
first served basis.

Treasured Haven Farm
is a Proud Member of
Share Options

WEEKLY VEGGIE SHARE OPTIONS:   Many other farm's Large or Full Shares
are packed in the same or smaller size box than our BASIC or even our Small! If a farm does not
openly state their upper limit on volume or box size, or how they handle failed crops, ASK them!
We consider ours a Season of Value, if one crops fails we usually have more than ample of
something else to give members in it's place. We always want our members to feel they have
received their money's worth and our season ends with an overflowing final harvest box that
can be packed by the member themselves when they visit the farm!

Large Membership Share (Weekly):  See registration form for current pricing
1 1/9 Bushel Box. Receives greatest variety of produce and more quantity of each item.
Large FAMILY Shares also available, approx. double a Large Share, contact farm..
Basic Membership Share (Weekly): See registration form for current pricing
3/4 Bushel Box - Compare to most other farm's FULL shares.

Small Membership Share (Weekly): See registration form for current pricing  
1/2 Bushel Box - Designed for 1-2 person household.

Payment is required to complete your registration and secure your share!
Size of Boxes and How they are Packed

This share upgrade offers you more of a shopping cart style choice for your box among the crops available that
week. Your weekly order must be generally submitted 24 hours before your scheduled delivery time. This share
gives you the greatest choice of types or quantities of veggies that fill your box that is seasonally available. Some
quantities may be limited for certain crops. The additional cost reflects the total custom service to receive only
what you want and incorporates the
Call with questions. Limited number of these shares.
*Custom Small Veggies are packed in a slightly larger 5/9ths bushel box

EOW Delivery Schedule for BLUE or ORANGE Weeks

Every Other Week Large Share:  See registration form for current pricing  

Every Other Week Basic Share:   See registration form for current pricing  

Every Other Week Small Sampler: See registration form for current pricing

If you need to change delivery for a single week due to vacation, this can be accommodated at
no add'l charge if scheduled in advance.

This share upgrade offers you more of a shopping cart style choice for your box among the crops available that
week. Your weekly order must be submitted 24 hours before your scheduled delivery time. This share gives you
the greatest choice of types or quantities of veggies that fill your box that is seasonally available. Some quantities
may be limited for certain crops. The additional cost reflects the total custom service to receive only what you want.
Call with questions. Limited number of these shares.
*Custom Small Veggies are packed in a slightly larger 5/9ths bushel box

Produce Availability
Dates in Minnesota
Provided by Minnesota Grown
This is a statewide listing and not
necessarily all produce grown at
Treasured Haven Farm.

If you have questions
about your options,
email us at:
or call us at 320-358-3581.
First, start with either Your Share Size OR Frequency of Deliveries.
then make the remaining decision of Share Size
OR Delivery Frequency.
Prices shown are for the total number of deliveries for that share size.

Second, do you want to Customize Your Share to give you a CHOICE to have your box assortment
packed from what is available each week? This also gives you the option to include additional Herbs
(this option now incorporates our previous Herb Shares) and other Gourmet Veggies not normally
included in Standard Shares, and possibility to receive the very first harvest of crops that may not yet be
available in sufficient quantities for all shares. While orders will be filled as closely as requested with
respect to varieties, excessive quantities of some crops may not always be possible due to the
unpredictability of the season or volume ready of specific crops every week. Limited in number.

Third, select any add-ons such as:
Fruit Packs, Eggs, Maple Syrup, Sunflower Seeds, and more...some items are very limited supply.

Fourth, decide on your preferred Drop Site to pick up your boxes.
Be advised, some sites have limited availability and fill early!!!

Fifth, fill in our one stop shop online registration and choose your payment method.
No Registration is complete, or space reserved, without required payment.
When selecting PayPal payment, a "Bill Me Later" option may be available thru PayPal.
If possible, check payments or Dwolla are preferred to save on processing fees for the farm.

Sixth, ENJOY a summer and fall of farm fresh veggies, year round farm visits if you wish, news
from the farm from the time you join, and more...

CSA Boxes:
Lower Left,
White LARGE Box

Upper Left,
Brown BASIC Box

Upper Right,
SMALL Box White 1/2 bu

Lower Right,

For more info on Box Sizes

Visit Our
Vegetable and
Recipe Page
Love the bounty of fall crops but do not have the space to grow them yourself?
This is an option to get an abundance of winter squash, potatoes, onions, cabbage, root
vegetables, pumpkins, kale, sunchokes, etc that are great at season's end. This is
available as either a stand alone share, or as an add-on to your regular share to get even
more bounty to process or hold into late fall and winter. Selection and Variety may vary
greatly season to season.

Eggs Shares are available in limited numbers, current prices and availability on the CSA
Treasured Haven Farm
Click for more details and ordering.
Choose Your SHARE SIZE:
= for 1-2 people
BASIC = for 2-3 people
LARGE = for 4+ people or a couple avid veggie eaters
Choose Your FREQUENCY:
for 16 weeks plus on farm extras equal about 19+ boxes work
EOW (Every Other Week) for 8 deliveries plus on farm extras, about 10+ boxes worth
PEAK is 9 weeks of the main season, Aug-Sept plus on farm extras equal about 11+ boxes worth.

9 Deliveries in Weeks 8-16 of the Main Summer Season, starting beginning of Aug thru Sept.
PEAK LARGE Share: $ See registration form for current pricing
PEAK BASIC Share: $ See registration form for current pricing
PEAK SMALL Share: $ See registration form for current pricing  
increase according to our tier
pricing dates. Prices are listed on
our registration page.
Also Available:

Bulk Veggies to ensure we grow enough additional large quantities for processing so you can
get addition to what comes standard in your box.

Bulk Fruits - early pre-order helps us to plan for your needs accordingly and get best pricing.

Chickens, Broilers - limited number are grown and pre-order required. Order through our
online shopping cart.

EXTENDED SEASON Veggie and/or Fruit Shares are also available.
Prices Subject to Increase
according to our tiered pricing
dates. The earlier you register,
the lower your cost.