Community Supported Agriculture

Treasured Haven Farm is home to Pete, Peg, our two sons, Zach and Ike, our three
daughters and their families when they come home to visit, our dog Boomer, a few cats,
some cows, sheep, goats, chickens, pigs, turkeys, and of course,all our Friends!

We live, work, and play on our family farm, and the CSA is the main operation that
sustains and protects this wonderful corner of the countryside for our family and yours.

We are honored by your consideration of being allowed the honor to grow food for your

Some things that make Treasured Haven Farm CSA special and unique:

- BEYOND ORGANIC, Philosophical Organic versus Certified Organic:
We grow only with the utmost care and attention to providing safe food for our family and
yours. While we do maintain Organic Certification of many acres of the farm for additional
crops like organic corn, sunflowers, and potatoes that may be sold to those who need the
certification, we have many reasons for not seeking certification for every acre beyond
the additional cost and time involved.

We do not believe that certification goes far enough, nor should some things that are
deemed allowable for use and for certification be allowed. There is "Certified Organic"
that follows those government mandates that favor corporate organic and then there is
"Philosophical Organic" where the entire philosophy of growing is based on enhancing
the life of the soils and growing nutrient dense foods. People should rely on personally
knowing their food source, not just being satisfied with a word on the package. We have
used "green", "alternative", and other natural growing methods long before it was "cool"
starting way back shortly after we started farming in the early and mid 80's.

We have our own buffer zones that make our gardens and crops safely nestled in a safe
zone within our 451 acres, away from any neighboring landowners or any possible
contaminants, however we are blessed that many of our neighbors are either farming
organically or renting their field to us as well. We have no hesitation to reach down and
grab a handful of lettuce, some spinach, a carrot, radishes, or fresh green onions and eat
a salad on the go while on the walks through the gardens.

We grow how You, our CSA Members, want us to, which is more important to us than
some outside regulator. We invest our money in growing great tasting healthy crops for
you, not in expensive, endless paperwork.

You also can rest assured that our CSA Members get all, and the best, of what we grow
as we do not sell your produce to other markets. If we just have way too much beyond
what our members can utilize, in those cases we believe in donating the extras to
foodshelves or those in need. We view foodbanks as a mission we should support and
not a profit center for selling produce, so we will only donate and do not make any
income selling to food bank programs, that just ain't right! We do offer a Helping Hand
Share in which members can become involved in this mission by helping the farm cover
some of the costs of harvest and delivery for any donated produce either to foodshelves
or families in crisis and with your support we can help more families each season by
growing more extras solely for that purpose.

We only may sell what we grow specifically as extras of some crops such as melons,
potatoes, squash, and pumpkins to have available on the farm for others in the
community, but we will dip into these extra plantings if needed to meet the needs of the
CSA first and forego selling any of those if needed. Our sons may also custom grow their
own crop or two for a specialty market. We also may grow some select crops for a new
shorter term "Juicing Share".

We believe in handling your produce with the utmost concern for food safety, and
although not required, we do hold a food handlers license so you can be assured we
follow the strictest guidelines.

Our family has had the misfortune of experiencing the trauma of food borne illness and
understand those risks. We lived through the horror when our son, Zach, in 1990 at the
age of 14 months, contracted Ecoli from the juice on a bun from a rare trip to a fast food
restaurant drive-thru... He suffered complete kidney failure from HUS, deathly high blood
pressure, severe trauma to his little body and a month in intensive care... He was
blessed to survive but had a long road to recovery and a looming threat for the potential
for complete kidney failure at some point in the future. Today he is passionate that
everyone should not have to worry that food will make them, or their children, sick!

We know first hand of the dangers of toxic chemicals, and even those that are deemed
"safe". In 1996, at the age of 34, with five children ranging in age from 12 down to just 2
years old, Peg was diagnosed with a rare form of lymphoma that left her incapacitated
and desperate to find an "incurable" cure or face death within five years. Her illness was
speculated to originate from the exposure to chemical and herbicide residue when she
was a young child playing in the sand where her dad would rinse out the crop sprayer
tanks. Chemicals that at that time were considered "safe enough to drink." Her specific
diagnosis was made difficult and questioned as she did not fit the profile of the usual
patient with this particular illness...a 60-70 man with rural background concentrating in
the pains states... hmmm?... but the Mayo Clinic finally was able to pinpoint the diagnosis
of this rare cancer cell type. With little promise of any traditional treatment options, Peg
set sail on a journey to not only find her own health, but one that would instill a passion
that EVERYONE deserves a healthy life with access to good, clean food without the fear
of chemicals, and that wholesome beyond organic food is the norm, not the exception!

The entire family also strongly believes in the power of our own thoughts, meditation,
visualization, and prayer, and that no one should be left alone to feel powerless or on an
island of hopelessness. We are expanding the offerings of the farm to include more
personal empowerment offerings and affiliations since while bodies are being fed well, so
many souls are crying for more information on how to live lives that matter and not be on
some endless treadmill.

- PASSION for FARMING and the EARTH: We believe that farming is more than a
profession, but is a calling that requires us to be conscientious stewards of the soil and
of our corner of the earth. Only through sustainable and conscious living can we
guarantee a safe environment for our children and grandchildren. At Treasured Haven
Farm, we believe in farming in an environmentally responsible manner and living in a
holistic harmony with nature. We are farmers who grow what is healthy, not just what is
easy! All our crops are either Certified Organic or Naturally Grown, whether it is the hay
in the fields or the fresh veggies in the garden. We use no chemicals, pesticides,
commercial petroleum based fertilizers, or preservatives on any of our crops and follow
the most natural farming practices, even beyond organics.

- With our CSA, you can join a farm that is actually close enough to visit as we are
less than an hour north of the Twin Cities Metro. We are located in East Central
Minnesota near Rush City, within five miles of I-35 between the Rush City and Rock
Creek (Hwy. 70) exits. The beautiful St. Croix Scenic Riverway is just a couple miles
away with its wonderful trails and boat landings in Northern Chisago County. Visiting our
farm can be combined with a whole days adventures and activities in the area. Our farm
has it's own wooded and fields trails for hiking, horseback riding, or cross country skiing
in the winter for our Members. We hosted our first Trail and Veggie Run in 2010, and
now offer three seasonal races each year, spring, summer, and fall which are open to our
CSA members and the public. More info about farm offerings is found on our
FAQ page.
Please call ahead to schedule your visit so we can give you a tour and have time to chat.

- We have created the CSA Farm Program as we want to share our life on the
with others so they can experience the true nature of farming. We love the ability of
connecting with the people who put our food on their table so they can "Buy Local" and
know they can trust their food source. Most of the food consumers purchase can travel
over 1500 miles until it gets to our tables. We are within 60 miles of downtown
Minneapolis and St. Paul so your produce is freshly picked and delivered the same day.
When you Pick-Up on the farm we offer exchanges and extras so you can get exactly
what produce you love.

We offer the opportunity to our members to join us in the farm gardens with cultivating,
harvesting, or packing, and we offer our Treasured Haven Farm's Community Supported
Agriculture Supporting Community Program providing school, youth, and non-profit
groups with fundraising opportunities.

As the generations of our society become further removed from the farming lifestyle, it is
important to share with our young children and let them experience that our food does
not just miraculously appear in the grocery stores. A CSA is not just an avenue to
purchase food, but a way to connect with lost heritage. It is important to realize this
distinction... we grow your veggies in the rich soil of our fields, we do not simply order it
up from some unknown place and have it in a back room.

At Treasured Haven Farm, we seek to provide a total experience for our members by
utilizing all our diverse operations in providing quality products and the sharing of
knowledge. Our farm is unique as we offer other products from the farm in addition to the
garden produce, such as natural wood engravings and homesawn wood products, the
opportunity to see lumber and wood projects created from the logs, and to experience a
genuine rural setting for hikes and picnics and overnight stays, and in the future, use of
the log home for your events or parties as well as more educational events and retreats.

We also raise Naturally Grown Hay, Pastured Chicken and Eggs, Turkeys, and Pigs, and
Grass-Fed Goats and Beef, and create Custom Engraving.  Check the rest of our
website for details.

If you have any questions, we look forward to chatting with you!

Hopefully you can join our "farm community" and experience Treasured Haven Farm!

Have a Wonderfully Blessed Day!

The Johnsons

Links for more info:

General Information on Community Supported Agriculture CLICK HERE

Making the Decision about a CSA CLICK HERE

Why Is Community Supported Agriculture Important?

* CSA's direct marketing gives farmers and growers the fairest return on their products
while providing consumers with a reliable source of naturally and locally grown foods.

* CSA keeps food dollars in the local community and contributes to the maintenance
and establishment of regional food production. You help support those farming
operations who pay taxes locally.

* CSA encourages communication, cooperation, and education among farmers, and
between farmers and consumers.

* With a "guaranteed market" for their produce, farmers can invest their time in doing the
best job they can growing their crops rather than marketing during the production

* CSA supports the biodiversity of a given area and the diversity of agriculture through
the preservation of small farms producing a wide variety of crops.

* CSA creates a sense of social responsibility and stewardship of local land.

* CSA puts "the farmers face on food" and increases understanding of how, where, and
by whom our food is grown.
Buy Locally!!!
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A Kubota Tractor with a small
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