Treasured Haven Farm
is family owned and operated.
Wildflowers dance in the wind
on the prairie acres of our farm.
We enjoy a vibrant sunset
from our front yard.
including all original farm and product photos,
craft items, products shown.

Website created by Peg Johnson.
Rush City, MN

Treasured Haven Farm
At Treasured Haven Farm,
you will find an opportunity to connect
directly with a farm and farmers.
Our biggest event is the annual Sunflower Days
held when the sunflower fields are in full bloom
in various areas of the farm, usually in August.

In the spirit of healthy living and enjoying nature and a working farm,
you can enjoy exciting
Adventure Trail Runs on our farm trails.

We also grow
Organically Raised Meat,
Organically Grown Hay and Grains,
provide Custom
Saw Milling, Woodcrafts, and Engraving.

Ask about our various opportunities
Fund Raising for your group.

We are a family farm that strongly believes
in producing everything we do in harmony with our environment.
We farm with passion and a commitment to being the best
stewards we can be in our own corner of the world
and helping you also have that connection to the land as well.

Please enjoy browsing our site.
Always feel free to call or email with questions or comments.

Please, Take Care and Have a Wonderful Day!

Blessings to You
from the Johnsons!

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Treasured Haven Farm
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