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Many other days, because we are a
working farm with machinery and
equipment operating, it is not
appropriate for visitors or tours. At other
times, we may be in the fields doing
crucially timed work, or out on deliveries.
A Kubota Tractor with a small
tiller now makes quick work of
preparing perfect seedbeds.
A 1948 Allis Chalmers G joins the roster on our
farm team! This tractor, and two others just like it,
are being restored by our son Zach and will be
used for cultivating the rows of many veggies.

The Next Generation of Farmers
Growing Up
on Treasured Haven Farm
Our son, Zach,
always the farmer from the day he was born!
He grew up pedaling the toy tractors,
and now drives and repairs the real ones!

When he took his potatoes and crops to the county fair,
no boy could be prouder of what he grew.

Zach is now the chief farm mechanic

Our son, Isaac, aka Ike! He was born a farmer as well,
and has always loved the animals and tractors. He
started helping build the trails when only three years old
and wanted to grow up to run just like his older siblings.

Ike has always wanted to be a great innovative farmer.
He is taking more responsibility for care of the animals
and organic certification of the cover crops, hay fields,
sunflowers, and any small grains.
The farm in 1992.
Many things have changed since then, with time and
age taking its toll on many of the original buildings,
and a lightning strike causing the old farmhouse to
burn out inside, but you can see the family garden
was always the center of the farmstead.

Our daughters now live in other states, but growing up on the farm
they had their share of animals... the goats, the sheep, the rabbits,
the calves, the pigs, and loved being part of 4-H. They were
honored to show many Champion goats and earn State Fair
Champion Showmanships and the prized 4-H County
Herdsmanship at the State Fair.  

You can see the pics of their shining and proud faces while
participating in the Lamb Lead at the State Fair where they
modeled their own wool outfits that they had sewn themselves.
They also grew into very poised showman with their goats.

As a farm family, our vacations were not to a far destination, but
were simply attending and participating in local County Fairs, and
the grand Minnesota State Fair. At least one of us had in some
way had an entry, or thirty, or been part of some exhibit or
competition s
tarting in 1976 at the Minnesota State Fair, and at the
Chisago County Fair since 1971.

Every summer was a hectic one with all the chores and getting
ready for the highlight of the year which was that County Fair,
and one year the kids exhibited 35 animals and over a hundred
other exhibits! It was crazy! But we do miss those days, we had so
much fun! Looking at the pictures here we wonder where all the
time has gone.

Our family enjoyed when Elise played her saxophone in many
county fair talent contests and won to go to the State Fair on
multiple occasions. One year at the State Fair she won her night at
Baldwin Park, making the finals of the Minnesota State Fair's
County Talent Contest. That same year with a different
performance at the Talent Contest at the Bandshell she was
Runner Up on her night.... so close to getting to the Grandstand
Finale, but was runner up both nights. That music still gives mom
goosebumps when she hits those high "money" notes in "I Will
Always Love You" and "Wind Beneath My Wings". Mom, Peg,
drove through the night to get Britta home from college so she
could surprise her sister and see her perform in the finals night.  
That was a crazy thing to do as we were also showing Open Class
Goats at the State Fair that year and we were all exhausted, but it
is all about Family!

"Family" and being together is very important to us!
After our house burned, we all realized that things are just that,
things, it is the people who matter! We bonded like velcro in the
months after the fire when we lived with seven people in a  
camper.... but really I think it was the best experience of our lives!

All of the girls are now married and starting families of their own,
but they help the farm any way they can.

Elise works on the behind the scenes in technology applications
for the farm and is our farm Meteorologist while living in Alabama.
Elise and her husband are have a son and a daughter.

After running in college while pursuing a degree in Sports
Administration, and as an assistant college track coach, Britta now
uses her love of running to help coordinate our trail runs. Britta
and her husband live in Iowa and have a son and a daughter.

Kayla may have moved from our farm, but she married a farm boy
who is the fifth generation of his family on the farm in Northwestern
Wisconsin and they have two little boys and a little girl.

Although there have been many adventures and definitely plenty
of challenges, it has been a joy growing Treasured Haven Farm
into the rural sanctuary it is today. As the years go by it morphs
and changes with time...

Blessings to You All!

With Love
from The Johnsons
Our Family receiving the State
Century Farm Award
at our local Chisago County Fair
presented from Farm Bureau
and the MN State Fair...
Mom looks a bit bedraggled after
racing back from a long and hot
day of CSA deliveries!
Out planting onion plants
and potatoes with the new
(used) planters  in the field
across the road.
Treasured Haven Farm
About Our Farm

Treasured Haven Farm is family owned and operated.
All members of the Johnson Family; mom, dad, and our five children,
are involved in some area, including the CSA, crop production and delivery,
trail maintenance and race organization, lumber sawing and milling, laser design
and production, website design and other communication. Even our daughters
who live in other states get involved in promoting and helping the farm.

Our farm is the home farm where Peter grew up and is recognized
as a Century Farm, being owned by some member of his family since 1899.
We grow organic
hay and grain crops including sunflower seed, corn, oats, barley,  
and manage
the woodland and wildlife areas of over 100 acres.
Zach also owns a neighboring 40 acres in the woodlands.

We are on the edge of the Scenic St. Croix River Valley in East Central Minnesota
and have developed our own self maintained trail system throughout the farm
for access to tap trees for maple syrup and manage the woodlands.

We pride ourselves in providing quality goods,
and opportunities
at a great value.

We are a farm family with a definite passion and purpose.
We believe strongly we were put here to care for this corner of the earth
and share its beauty and bounty with others.

For more pics and info about the family and the next generation of farmers, see below.

Have a Great Day!
The Johnson Family
Treasured Haven Farm
Pete and Peg Johnson Family
Rush City, Minnesota

Century Farm Award
Weather and Research Site


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Britta and Ike running the Living
History Farms Off-Road Race in Iowa.
They enjoy participating in similar
races so that can do a better job of
putting on our own races.
The Radio Show
Peg has been a
Guest Speaker on
Your Farmers...
The "Next" Generation
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