grown on
Treasured Haven Farm
Rush City, Minnesota
Certified Organic by MCIA

All Treasured Haven Farm's sunflower seeds are harvested with care
from plants grown in harmoniously with nature and admired for their
natural stately beauty while alive with the hum of nature's pollinators.

Seeds are harvested with our own restored antique equipment that ONLY
handles our own clean crops that are totally non-GMO, chemically free,
and grown on soil that is organically certifiable. They are then cleaned
with an heirloom fanning mill to remove any remaining chaff and head or
stem parts, and packaged in clean natural food grade packaging
void of contaminants.

Treasured Haven Farm is totally committed to growing
the best natural crops and allow NO GMO seeds on our 452 acres,
whether in our field crops or any of our vegetables.

are perfect for your wild birds as it is the best seed to attract
the widest variety to your feeders with a nutritious and energetic
food source for the cold days of winter. The black oil seeds have
very thin shells that make it easy for virtually all seed loving birds of
all sizes to crack open. The kernels within have a high fat content,
which is extremely valuable for birds in winter.

BOSS (Black Oil Sunflower Seeds) can be used to grow microgreen
shoots - aka Sunnys

Grow: Use a shallow flat, tray or clamshell packaging, and fill at least
once inch with clean soil. Sprinkle the seed thickly on top of the soil.
Lightly cover with soil without clumps. Water and keep moist to aid in
germination, but make sure to not let the soil become too soggy as mold
could develop. Some choose to soak, and rinse seeds a couple times, for
8-12 hours prior to planting to jumpstart germination and use less soil.

Cut: Let the plants grow to 3 inches or more tall and then carefully cut
above the soil level with a scissors
or pinch off with your fingers prior to the true leaves developing.

Rinse prior to use under fresh water.         

Eat: Use in salads, for a snack, or for juicing.

This seed is not sold, intended, or certified
for sprouting or field planting.

SUNFLOWER SEED HEADS are a great natural treat
to place out for the birds and once the seeds are gone it is easily
used to place peanut butter to continue using this natural feeder.
This are naturally stem dried and are in a range of sizes.
It can be simply laid out on your deck rail or table, or hung from a tree
branch if you have squirrels who may run off with the treat
.Seed Heads work well for pets to nibble, or various Craft Projects.

Birds that are attracted to sunflower heads include jays, grosbeaks,
goldfinches, juncos, buntings, titmice, bluebirds, blackbirds, finches,
cardinals, chickadees, and others.

They all benefit from the high nutritional value sunflower seeds
provide as the seeds are loaded with minerals like potassium, calcium,
magnesium, and iron as well as vitamins. Sunflower seeds are also
valuable as a source for protein, fiber and polyunsaturated fat.
~ Field Dried ~ All Natural ~ Non-GMO ~
~ NO Pesticides, Chemicals, or Fumigants ~
~ For Birds, Pets ~
Treasured Haven Farm
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All crops on Treasured
Haven Farm are GMO-Free.
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Treasured Haven Farm is now CLOSED for Sunflower Viewing for 2018!
If you missed out, pictures are available on our
farm facebook page.

The sunflowers continue to dry in the field
and are harvested for their seed in the fall.

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Details and Fees: TBD for 2019

There are additional pics and videos
on our
Treasured Haven Farm facebook page.