Treasured Haven Farm
Cross Country Running Adventures
Trail surfaces for main race courses:  
The trail surface varies throughout the courses from mowed grass field paths,
farm field roads of grass and dirt, natural woodland surfaces from which major
debris has been removed for 5K and non-adventure races. There are minimal
rocks, and obstacles, are highlighted with orange marker if significant, such as
large tree roots that cannot be removed.

Course width varies from 54 inches at the narrowest to wider widths of 15
feet, average width for most of the courses are six feet.

Some trails in ravines may contain dry waterways, that due to seasonal
variations, may have a small amount of water or mud at race time.

The trails are well marked with race signs along the course, and ribbons are
also used to mark some turns or block trails not used during that particular

Races longer than 5 miles do have a single country road crossing point, and
while we do have a race attendant monitoring this crossing, runners should
remain alert.

This course traverses most areas of the farm, with a balance of open areas
and some challenging hills and features to keep the trek interesting. This is a
cross country course, with the ability to add adventure run features if desired.
We do our best to limit any repeating of the course routes while still providing
viewing areas for spectators.

Adventure Runs:
This course is for those who want to get down and dirty to see what they are
truly made of! Steep inclines, water features, lowlands, hills, creek crossings
that include a rocky base, ravines, single lane deer trails, and, optional,
steeple chase style hay bales and logs. These races are meant to be a blast
for all!

The creek crossings will be knee to thigh deep at most and you’ll have to
traverse through it on adventure runs. Multiple creek crossings are possible
for various courses depending on water level at race time. No swimming
necessary or diving allowed.

The course is designed for an adventure trail run that we hope will be one of
the best and most challenging cross country race courses in Minnesota, and
possibly, the entire Upper Midwest.

Family members and some of our participants have participated in a similar
adventure running event in Urbandale, Iowa, at the Living History Farms Race,
to see how Treasured Haven Farm could compare to that time honored course
that hosts 7500 runners each year! While the area of the country may have a
slightly different overall landscape, our farm course offers many of the same
challenges, including steep wooded hills and creek and ravine crossings, but
without the tunnel bottleneck. While the Iowa course may be listed as
"Extreme", participants who have run both, rate our course as good or better
for the adventure courses, to a "Moderate" for the easier 5K options.

Our goal is to have races in a range of difficulties to suit most runners at each

The Dirty FarmHand:
For adventure runs, if you don’t feel comfortable you may always bypass the
obstacle in non-competitive waves.
Our mud run course DOES NOT contain
barbed wire obstacles, fire, electrical shock components, or other similar hazards.
See Mud Run specific info.

5K and 5K Challenge, 10K, 20K:
These courses will travel through the wooded trails, fields, grasslands,
and hills on Treasured Haven Farm.  This is NOT a dull gravel country road
country run and they are not just loops of the same course!!!

The courses are comprised of a variety of terrain and surfaces and does
contain a range from one to two severe and other moderate and rolling hills, to
gently rolling and flatter open areas. The 20k, when held, will be a large seven
mile loop, with the remaining distance covered through part of the course and
hills run the opposite direction.

1 Mile Fun Run has some slopes and minor hills with mowed
grass and a few woodlands.

Toddler Trot is on flat, open grass surface, held weather permitting
during the Veggie Run, if sufficient interest.

Diaper Dash is located on mowed grass lawn area, held weather
permitting during the Veggie Run, if sufficient interest.