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Treasured Haven Farm Trail Runs

"This isn't just a race that covers a distance,
this is a course that allows you to go the distance within yourself.
No distractions, just the beauty of the surroundings,
and the challenge of the best off-road course I have ever run!"

"I did the Growing Green Trail Run and had a blast!
The trail was incredibly wet and muddy due to all the recent rain,
but the course was great and featured a good variety of terrain with plenty of challenges."

"It was a great day and a perfect test of will.
The mud, stream crossings, and hill climbs were an added bonus
to an already fun course.   Nice job!"

"It was a great time, I had never done a trail race let alone any race.
It was totally a challenge and can't wait for my next race"

"I didn't know what to expect given I'd only been training on pavement,
but it was so much fun and a good challenge, especially with the rain and mud!
I'm looking forward to doing it again and beating my time!"      

"Thank you - I really enjoyed it!"

"This race took me back to the heart of trail racing: no crowds, no pavement pounding,
just you against the trail and elements of the day. Our day just happened to be ankle deep mud,
water logged fields, and creek crossings up to our knees. It was awesome! "

"If you're up for a challenging 5K race, Growing Green Race really tests your skill as a runner.
The hills and mud were quite refreshing."        

"The Growing Green was an awesome run!"

Treasured Haven Farm hosted it's first 5K Trail Run,
known as the Treasured Haven Farm Veggie Run, on August 14, 2010!  
We also had a 1 Mile Fun Run and a Toddler Trot for the kids!
The 5k course was well received even considering
the farm had received over 7 inches of rain the preceding three days!
It was truly an adventure mud and trail run for its inaugural debut!

All of our farm courses are privately controlled on the farm itself,
and not on public roadways! We do have one gravel road that the course crosses
for some of the runs over 5k so that we can access the western half
of the farm for more challenges, terrain, and distance.

We also award engraved wooden plaques or other awards
created right here on the farm for our overall gender and age group winners!

The courses and trails have been under development
by the Johnson Family on Treasured Haven Farm since 1997.
The farm has private wooded trails, field drives and crossings, many open areas including
fields and gardens, with ravines, streams, numerous hillsides, and a creek
that help create some interesting and challenging adventure features
for our premier cross country runs of distances beyond the 5k. Surfaces vary from mowed
field grass, private dirt field roads, woodland dirt trails, to more rough terrain for adventure
runs. The farm and courses surely will challenge your body and refresh your spirit!

Our family has always been avid runners and supporters of running
cross country and track, with all five of the Johnson children participating
in those sports for the local High School and state and regional USATF.
Mom, Peg, was even the first girl team member from the local high school
to participate in Cross Country Running when it was made available back in 1977.
Also one of our daughters, Britta, who now serves as our assistant race director,
went on to run Track and Cross Country, and coach, at the College Level.

In 1997, we started blazing our first few feet of trail through a portion of the woodlands
and ravines to create a walking and running path to connect two parcels of land.
Our trail system continues to expand each year through more areas of the farm
and is also used for woodland management, wildlife viewing, and trail rides in some

We do have a program for use of the trails to any school team who wishes to train
on the off road trails away from the stress and danger of road traffic, and also
offer teams fundraising opportunities for helping with farm projects and the gardens.

Our family's goal was to "someday" host a real race on our farm,
and in August of 2010, we realized that goal with all five of our children there
to be part of that great day. Our three oldest were able to come to participate
from their homes currently in Wisconsin, Iowa, and Alabama,

Since our farm changes so with the seasons,
and we have much interest in participating in these farm events,
we have decided to offer seasonal races for 2011
to allow more participation and experiences on the farm.

We will host a Spring Run through the fresh, green countryside
of the farm with new wild flowers in the woods and new crops in the fields,
a Summer Veggie Run that will include a portion of the race
through the gardens in addition to the woodlands,
and a Fall Harvest Run bursting with the fall colors of the woods.
A Winter event is also being considered for future years.
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