All Treasured Haven Farm's hay is grown with no chemicals
and no preservatives. We only sell what we have baled ourselves.
Treasured Haven Farm raises all crops by organic methods.
Organically Certified through MCIA.

Our family has farmed our entire lives
and the central part of our farm is where Peter was born and raised.
We know hay and strive for the best quality and service.
We offer varying mixes of Alfalfa, Timothy, and other grasses
for a variety of animals. We also grow small grains.

Pete takes pride in his hay and is a seasoned and experienced producer.
A few years ago, to see how his alfalfa hay compared, twice he entered
the National Hay Forage Competition at the World Dairy Expo in Madison,
WI. The first time his alfalfa hay finished 3rd Overall across the nation.
The second time he was again selected for the Top 20 Finalists.
He also has won local awards and competitions for hay over the years.

Current Payment Policy:
Cash, COD or Pre-Pay.
We do accept Credit Cards via PayPal with Pre-Approval Only
and a Service and Processing Charge may apply.

ROUND BALES in various sizes

Average 1000-1100 pounds Large Rounds
4 by 5 foot

All Round bales are tightly rolled with a John Deere Baler.

Need smaller bales to handle?
Custom ordered 4 by 4 1/2 foot mid-size Rounds
cam be custom baled for you with a pre-order and deposit.

** Call for availability and current prices **

Qualities for horses, cattle - dairy and beef, sheep, goats.

Conscientious producer for many years.

PICK-UP directly from the farm northeast of RUSH CITY, MN...


DELIVERY available for additional charge per mile.

Full loads are 14 large rounds or 200-250 Squares.
We generally haul up to 80-90 miles of Rush City in the summer months,
and up to 120 miles other times of the year... if we have hay left to sell.

email us:

or Call Pete at 651-208-4012

Thank You for Looking and Have a Great Day!


Please plan for your hay needs in advance.
Many times we do not have hay available to purchase year round...
when it's gone, it is gone!
Much of our hay is sold directly out of the field
or pre-ordered so you can get the best value, selection, and price.

Many area farmers are planting other crops because of increasing prices
for those other commodities and thus plow up their hay ground,
creating a decreasing availability of quality hay as a whole around the nation.

Don't find yourself scrambling to find good quality hay this season,
and be careful to make sure you get hay that was not rained upon.

Have a Great Year!


The Johnson's
Certified Organic HAY
Treasured Haven Farm
53407 Government Road
Rush City, MN 55069

320-358-3581 Farm
651-208-4012 Pete
We raise varying mixes
of alfalfa, alfalfa/timothy,
and various grasses
in 20 different fields.
The square bales are
baled and dropped in
stacks of ten in the field.
The square bales are neatly
picked up with a special
grapple fork attachment and
placed on wagons to be hauled
into the sheds, or on trailers
(ours or yours) for delivery.
The trailer is loaded and ready
for delivery to your barn or


Call for prices and availability.

Square Bale Mixes:

We grow LIMITED quantities of:

Timothy / Grass Mixes
Alfalfa / Timothy Mixes
Grass Blends


Call for prices and availability.
Tightly packed, most average 50-55#.
These are larger and more tightly packed
than other squares you may find
so don't be deceived by other cheaply priced,
lightweight bales that are actually much more
expensive per pound of usable hay.

We have a range of hay types and prices.
Call us for availability or current prices **
Price Quotes are good for current crop only
and are set each season.
Watch a video
of our son baling hay.
Watch a video
of our son baling hay.
Small Grains
Now Available
We also grow and have available
Certified Organic Oats,
Corn, Sunflower Seeds...
available in bags or bulk totes.
Call Pete to order!
Call Pete
to pre-order your hay
for 2022!