Call for an appointment to get your logs cut into lumber!

We use a Woodmizer Bandsaw Mill to cut either your logs,
or logs from our supply into the special wood cuts that you need.

What a greater joy is there for any woodworker to take
the lumber all the way from the tree in your woodlot
to the finished wooden furniture in your living room,
log mantel, or article for your home or farmstead?
We can also Custom Engrave a project for you as well.

We use a WOODMIZER Band Saw Mill
that gives you more lumber and less waste from sawdust
along with greater accuracy of cuts.

We can also do Custom Sawing of logs for fireplace mantles,
stair treads, counter and furniture tops, benches, shelving,
fences, pens, tables, furniture, carving blocks, barn stalls,
signs, siding, paneling,wainscoting, wood trim, moulding,
flooring, house logs, sills,or other specialty wood cuts?
We also can trim loghouse logs for top and sill plates,
trim, and beams.

Have an old barn or outbuilding and want to resaw the beams
and timbers into usable lumber or flooring, we can do it!
You will love the strength and beauty of that old growth timber!
Let that gorgeous wood find a new life!

If you do not have your own logs, we do have
maple, ash, basswood, red oak logs as available
to be custom cut into what you need.
We can source other woods as needed.

We can sell by cut log, boards, or finished cut piece,
or we just charge for the sawing time for your own logs.

CALL for Current Rates, Scheduling and Availability.

Your Sawyers,
Zach and Pete


Have a Great Day!


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