Treasured Haven Farm
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Grass Fed Beef
CONTACT FARM at 320-358-3581
or Pete at 651-208-4012
for availability.

Pastured Pork
at 320-358-3581
or Pete at 651-208-4012 for availability.
Organically Raised Meat & Eggs

Pre-orders are strongly suggested for getting your chicken shares each year,
as we raise according to those order and do sell out each season.

We have a special sale only of select cuts of meat as available.
We do sell pork and beef by custom processing,
by whole or half, as available.

Pick-up from Treasured Haven Farm near Rush City, MN,
pick-up from our Treasured Haven UpNorth location in Crosslake, MN.

While we plan for a general timeline for each group we grow,
sometimes other factors can alter the exact dates when the chickens become
available. All chicken shares are guaranteed for availability, so if for some reason
your share cannot be delivered as scheduled, you will be placed as a priority at the
top of the list for the next scheduled batch.

Eggs and other farm products may be purchased to be added as a one-time
purchase to your scheduled chicken pick-up as well.

Call or email with any questions. Thanks!
Do you know where the Meat or Eggs
you put on your plate comes from, and how it was grown?
We lovingly raise organically fed, pastured meat for your family!

Organically Fed
Whole Broiler
Chicken Shares
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Contact Farm
at 320-358-3581.

Our eggs are currently available
with appointment for farm pick-up in Rush City.
Also available at our retail storefront at
Treasured Haven UpNorth
at 35170 County Rd 3 in Crosslake, MN.

Whole Chicken Broilers

averaging 4 1/2 - 6+ pounds, Fresh or Frozen.
Share consists of Four Whole Chickens of a total of about 20-22+ pounds.

Raised on pasture and supplemented
with home grown certified organic corn, sunflower seeds,
and other grains, also ground organic alfalfa.
All feed is ground on the farm.

Farmer Pete, and our sons, Zach and Ike, raise these chickens. Ike's role
model is Joel Salatin, the farmer from Virginia who was made famous
through the movies FRESH and FOOD, INC, and Ike follows his methods
for growing his chickens, turkeys, and also his pigs.

These are processed on the farm by Zach with our own commercial grade
poultry processing equipment so you do not have to worry about cross
contamination with animals from any other farm.

Fresh chickens are available on processing days with on Farm Pick Up.

Pre-Orders REQUIRED!
Order Early as Quantities are limited!

Succulent, tender roasters averaging 7-9 pounds...
Limited... email, or call for availability.