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Treasured Haven Empowerment
Treasured Haven Farm
has chosen to focus on supporting and promoting living healthy, fulfilled lives
by providing timely health and wellness information, encouragement, inspiration,
and options for anyone concerned about living their best and purposeful life.

I am passionate about extending true HOPE by empowering others with vital knowledge
just as that powerful gift was given to me many years ago when I was at death's door...
Please, don't wait so long to take a proactive approach to your health and life...

There are things we can do everyday to better our home environment and protect
our own health and the health of our family. Our CSA reflects that passion and desire
to give others an opportunity to have a healthier option for their food. Our Trail Runs
provide the opportunity to interact with nature and take running beyond the physical
to an emotional and spiritual experience and personal challenge.

When we come across something and have first hand knowledge of excellent companies,
products, or books we feel are of significant value to our many visitors and members we
will share them here. You perhaps may find something that is of great value to you as
well. You can read about what we have found and if you like, contact us to talk more.

Please, enjoy and know we welcome your input.
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Blessings to You!