Our courses do not have water
stations, however there are
multiple places where the
longer courses run by a
centralized hub where water
bottles can be left on a table.
Otherwise many runners
choose to carry their own water
with them.
Treasured Haven Farm
Trail and Race Info in Pics
Our Overall Race Winners
are awarded engraved 5x7 wooden plaques
on Race Day.

In races over 50 participants,
Age Groups Winners receive
a 4x6 engraved wooden plaque that is  
personalized with their name
and mailed to them after the race!
So tell your friends!!!

All the engraving is done right on the farm.
All competitive races are timed
using our Chip Timing System.
Our trails are marked or painted
for obstacles when needed for
things such as roots, or for
directional arrows, and well
placed flags, ribbon, and signs
are used to keep you safely on
the course.
Most course surfaces vary from
mowed grass paths to raked dirt
woodland trails. The Adventure
Races also have dirt deer paths,
rocky creek and other water
crossings. Our 5K races do not
include water crossings.
The longer races beyond 5K
have one road crossing that is
manned with a safety station.
Our Harvest Hoot'n Holler race
is a great chance to get all
dressed up in your favorite
costume and have a blast!!!
The trails will take you through unassuming farmfields
to a rather peaceful looking entrance into the woods.
Soon you will realize this facade covers some wicked
hills that cover over  80 to 100 foot elevation changes
that will test your strength and endurance.
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