Frequently Asked Questions
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What do I get with my registration fee?
A challenging course to test and inspire you. Each race 5K and over has a runners
buffet afterwards for a spread of goodies and various energy snacks, fruit, either
fresh organic, and/or frozen fruit to help you cool down a bit on those warmer days.
We also have water and a sports drink or powder packets available.

We calculate our race fees to be as affordable as possible by creating a base fee
with no additional "processing" or "convenience" fees. We know serious runners
also have their drawers and closets full of race t-shirts, so we do not make you pay
for something you don't need. But for those who want those wonderful wicking tech
shirts or other race items, we have those available to add to your registration at a
nominal cost. All race shirts and engraved items are created right on Treasured
Haven Farm as well. Purchasing additional items does help to keep our race fees
as low as possible and still offer these unique events.

All races have overall awards for the top three men and women. All races over 50
participants have age group awards that are personalized for those winners and
mailed after the event.

All Race Packets can be picked up the day of the race up until one-half hour before
race time. If available, day of race registration is open until 45 minutes prior to the
race start.

Are there water stops in the races?
There are usually no water stops on our 5K or shorter races, unless there is
extreme heat and on those days it is at about the 1 1/2 mile mark We do have at
least one water station point on our long races with a water cooler or a place to
leave your own well marked water bottle at a checkpoint station that is intersected
multiple times on many of the longer races. This intersecting point is not a point of
the same loop, just a spot where various sections of the race course intersect the
same corner and go off in different directions. In the case of extreme weather we do
have a secondary station at the road crossing point on the longer races. All water
stations are manned so additional assistance is available, if needed. BUT we prefer
that runners understand this is an organic farm and a natural environment and care
is needed with trash or debris and as such prefer runners use reusable water
pouches or bottles whenever possible. Our goal is to strive to be a zero waste

I am not in the best of shape, can I still participate?
The trail and adventure runs on the farm are indeed run on challenging and
competitive courses and only you can determine your fitness to compete. If you
have any concerns about your health, please consult your doctor or health care
provider before registering.

If while competing you do not feel comfortable in completin the course, we do have
checkpoints in longer races where you can pull out of the race, or we do have a
follow up vehicle in shorter races. For safety reasons, ANYONE LEAVING THE
and be recorded as a DNF. You can determine your speed on the courses to fit
your conditioning and shorter courses may be walked, however some time
thresholds may be implemented on the longest courses, such as the Half Marathon
as those longer courses are open for a limited time that is deemed safe for the
average trained runner to complete.

A conflict arose, I am injured or I just didn't train enough, can I get a refund?
We do understand life happens and will gladly transfer your entry to another of the
farm's events or to another runner, please contact the farm before the day of the
event if at all possible. But always tell us if someone will be running in your place so
we may make the necessary changes so the race results are accurate and have a
signed waiver from the actual runner. We make financial decisions and purchases
prior to the race based on the number of paid registrants and as such cannot offer
cash refunds.

What is the water depth for creek crossings in the adventure runs?
The creek crossings will be knee to thigh deep at most and you’ll have to traverse
through it on most adventure runs. The name of the creek is Rock Creek for a
reason and caution is suggested in traversing it due to the large number of rocks in
the creek bottom. This is the only location along he course where there are
substantial rocks. Most days the water is very clear and any obstacles easily seen.
In case of dangerously high water levels, the course will be rerouted.

What if I can’t complete a particular obstacle in the adventure runs?
Don't worry, all obstacles will be manageable for a person in reasonably good
physical shape and are only natural in nature and part of the course, such as
downed logs, steep single track, steep creek embankments, and the like.

When is the latest I can register?
You can register until an event is sold out. We do have a timing system that has an
overall limit and we limit the course numbers to maintain the natural course in good
shape and to provide the best experience. We want you to be challenged by the
course, not a wall of runners.

Can I register the day of the event?
Race Day Registrations may be available as space allows, and if openings are still
available, registration should be completed at least 45 minutes prior to the start time
of the race so we may get all of your info into the timing system. Additional race
items or t-shirts may not be immediately available for Race Day Registrations, but
usually can be made onsite after the race or ordered for later delivery. Please
watch the website and facebook for last minute updates.

How much is the registration fee?
The registration fee varies depending on the running or adventure event and how
much time is left before the event itself as tiered pricing applies. Check the
registration page for exact pricing schedule and discount dates.

Packet Pick Up?
All Race Packets can be picked up the day of the race up until one-half hour before
race time. If space is available, day of race registration is open until 45 minutes
prior to the race start.

I can no longer participate, can I get a refund?
We are sorry, but as with most running events, refunds can not be issued as many
expenses will already have been incurred for your registration. If you are simply
unable to make it you do have options to apply your registration to another
Treasured Haven Farm Trail Run race for a small fee if the event was not sold out.
All changes need to be made prior to the registration deadline for the event.

Do the races have participant limits?
Since the trails are part of the natural environment of Treasured Haven Farm, in
order to maintain safety and prevent environmental damage, we do limit the number
of race participants which differs according to race. We also believe in providing a
great environment for you to test yourself on these courses and do not feel that the
trails should be so clogged with other runners that it prevents you from personally
challenging yourself to see if you have what it takes!

Runners for most races can be of all ages as deemed capable by adult guardians
for specific events. Kids races may be by designated age group. Most distance or
adventure run participants should be over 12 years old, or accompanied by an adult.

We love animals as much as you, but they should stay safely at home. Participant's
or visitor's dogs are NOT allowed on the race course or any longer on the farm for a
multitude of reasons. This is a working farm with livestock and also wildlife present.
For the safety of all, including other runners and spectators, please do not bring
your animals with, or leave them unattended in a vehicle. If dogs are brought onto
the farm despite this policy, the pet owner will be personally and completely liable
by law for any and all damage, distress, or harm caused by them. We have had
previous incidents involving dogs that have caused thousands of dollars damage
and death to our livestock. Thank You for Your Understanding!

Spectators are most welcome to come cheer you on that day at no charge. Longer
races have designated check points that allow viewing of runners at various stages
of the race. They will be able to enjoy the excitement and energy at the start area
and at designated areas along the courses. They will be able to cheer on their
friends as they cross the finish. We give access to view as much of the course as
possible but for the mud run specifically the safety of the participants is our number
one concern which means spectators may not have access to view the entire
course and will not be allowed on the actual course during the event, but must
remain in designated areas outside the course.

Strollers are absolutely NOT ALLOWED on the competitive course beyond the
Veggie Sprout race or in races for the safety of all. These are trail runs on
sometimes very steep terrain and not a paved trail in the park. Strollers are
welcomed for spectators and in designated areas off the course.

We love children and have 5 of our own and 8 grandchildren, but we DO NOT and
CAN NOT provide childcare during your race. Please make appropriate
arrangements, or bring someone with you to watch your children during your event.
Under no circumstances are children to be allowed to roam or be left unattended in
any area of the farm or in vehicles. Please keep your children safe!

How do I register a team?
To register as a team, decide on your team name and the first person who registers
can create one during registration. Each member of a team must register
individually and list the team name on their entry form. Some races may have Team
Competition, see individual events for details.

How big/small do teams have to be?
A team can be as big or as small as you’d like. If there is a team competition, the top
four runners are scored.


5K and Longer Distance RACES
Top 3 Overall Men and Women:
Wooden Engraved Plaque Award - These awards are engraved on wood slabs
cut from downed trees in the woods along the race course.

Half Marathon races have Finishers Awards made from wood on the farm.

Larger races over a total of 50 participants per distance have Age Division
awards and/or other Finishers Awards.

There will be an Overall Winner in Each Age Division of Men and Women:
11 & under, 12-14, 15-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70+
Each age/gender division winner receives:
4x6 or Similar Wooden Personalized Engraved Plaque Award

Longer Races that may have Team Competitions also will receive engraved

Occasionally participants may receive an additional token from the farm that
celebrates their accomplishment of finishing their race in addition to their t-

In the May Growing Green Race, participants may choose a plant that has
been grown on the farm... select from herbs, tomatoes, peppers, etc.

In the August Veggie Run Family Day events potato digging may be available
for a nominal charge.

In the October Hoot 'n Holler Race, participants can choose a pumpkin, or
other fall produce, grown on the farm as supplies are available. These
pumpkins are for use as decorations, carving, or pies, and please not for
smashing ;-) Thanks!

More FAQ are added as needed.